Our fun and interactive sessions give students an insight into what it's like to study medicine and what a career as a doctor entails. We provide sessions and assemblies in schools aswell as on the University of Southampton campus.

The sessions include information, advice and guidance in the form of a short presentation from current medical students. 

The main focus of every session however is our fun practical elements that allows students to take part in basic clinical skills and learn about the science behind many common health problems.
Our most popular sessions include basic life support, how to take a blood pressure and experiencing what it is like to live with some of today's common eye diseases. 

All our participants have thoroughly enjoyed our Inspire2Aspire sessions and has improved their outlook on university choices. 

Here at WAMSoc we target a wide variety of ages, performing sessions to those as young at Year 6's to those already in Sixthform. 

Drop us an email at wamsocsoton@gmail.com or message us via the contact us page if you'd like us to come to your school!