WAMsoc is a student led initiative which aims to equalise the platform for potential medical students


Who are we?

All of our mentors are currently Medical Students at the University of Southampton. 

The scheme was set up by a group of 6 students in 2015, and is now thriving with over 100 mentors volunteering on a regular basis to help out potential medical school applicants aswell as younger students to inspire them to think of Medicine as a career. 


What do we do?

  • Online E-Mentoring programme allowing students to get in contact with a current medical student for advice on applications, work experience and personal statements.
  • Interview Workshops providing a variety of example questions and scenarios that students may face in real life Medical school interviews. These are held at the University of Southampton and are targeted at those students who have already applied to Medical school and are awaiting an interview.
  • Inspire2Aspire assemblies to encourage and educate the next generation of medical school applicants
  • Online work-experience database to allow students to get in contact with medical and healthcare staff regarding work experience